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Prov. 3:7 Be not wise in your own eyes; reverently fear and worship the Lord and turn [entirely] away from evil.

The fear of the Lord is not like the fear that comes from something we are afraid of. Like the fear of heights, spiders, etc….(not a phobia) That kind of fear has torment. (2 Tim. 1:7, 1 Jn. 4:18, Prov. 29:25)

The fear of the Lord is to be in awe, reverence, wonder, respect…

We must recognize and respect His authority, His majesty, & His power.

When you respect someone you give them your time & resources, more than respect when you are in awe of someone you would do anything for them. 

The Fear of the Lord produces blessings:

Continual spiritual cleansing – Ps. 19:9

Life & many good days – Ps. 34:11-12

A blessed & happy family -Ps. 128

Freedom from all evil fears – Prov. 14:26

A place of security – Prov. 14:26

Deliverance from satanic snares – 

abiding satisfaction – Ps. 19:23

Preservation from the visitation of evil – Prov. 19:23

Riches & honor – Prov. 22:4

A hope that extends beyond the grave

No wan to those who fear God – Ps. 34:9

Wisdom – Ps. 111:10, Job. 28:28, Prov. 9:10

Knowledge – Prov. 1:7

Long life – Prov. 10:27 

The God kind of fear produces us doing God’s will – Like 22:42. Ps. 111:10

Proverbs 2:1-5

 1 MY SON, if you will receive my words and treasure up my commandments within you,

    2 Making your ear attentive to skillful and godly Wisdom and inclining and directing your heart and mind to understanding [applying all your powers to the quest for it];

    3 Yes, if you cry out for insight and raise your voice for understanding,

    4 If you seek [Wisdom] as for silver and search for skillful and godly Wisdom as for hidden treasures,

    5 Then you will understand the reverent and worshipful fear of the Lord and find the knowledge of [our omniscient] God.

Is. 33:6 The fear of the Lord is our treasure.

If you had a treasure what would you do to protect it? Remember the devil goes around seeking whom he may devourer. He does not like that you are in awe of God. He wants you to fear him. Doing something out of that kind of fear is bondage. The God kind of fear does not produce bondage.

We must be in awe of God’s majesty, His Power, remembering who He is. He is all-knowing, all powerful, Holy, pure, & much more. He made heaven and earth. He is the Almighty. He is Holy. We must remember who we are and who he is. 

We must remember just because we have problems in our lives does not mean we do not fear God. This is a fallen world. Sometimes we experience things because of our sin or someone else’s. Sometimes it is satan & sometimes it is just because we are in a fallen world. This is why we need to walk by faith and not by sight. 2 Corn. 5:7 We will experience total deliverance when Jesus comes for His people. 

Don’t get me wrong we can experience these blessings in this life & that is one of the reasons that Jesus came, so we could have life & life more abundantly. But mostly so we could be reconciled to God. God wants fellowship with us. We need to humble ourselves & look to Him totally for our daily needs. He is God and we are not. 

This world looks at blessings & success not as GOd does. we must humble ourselves and bend our knees in wonder & awe of Him. Then we will have true success & blessings. You might be in a pit like Joseph was, but he was right where God wanted him. Soon he was taken to the place where he was able to save many by God’s wisdom & blessings. What I am saying is don’t look at your circumstances to determine if you are blessed. You are blessed as you surrender yourself to the Almighty God. In the Fear of the Lord you will be right where God wants you to be.

In wonder, in awe, in  reverence, in total surrender only. Fear no man, fear nothing. 


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