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(Picture taken from the camp) This October we were blessed with a tour of the Thomas Road Outpost Camp. This was very excited because we live in Northern Michigan and the Camp is in Lynchburg, VA a…

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focused heart devotions and Nuggets

“The Faultless Christ”

“I find no fault in him.”–John 19:4

(As preached at Richmond, Indiana 1922)

Some things must be faultless in order to be valuable. The value of a diamond depends on its quality, not its quantity. When I was in New York I went down to Tiffany’s and picked up the famous Tiffany diamond and asked, “How much is that worth?”

“One hundred thousand dollars.”

I picked up another little one. “How much is that worth?”

“Fifty thousand dollars.”

I picked up a rope of pearls. “How much is this worth?”

“Two hundred thousand dollars.”

I picked up a string of black pearls found over in Southern California. “How much is that worth?”

“Eighty-five thousand dollars.”

I picked up a little pigeon blood ruby, two carats. “How much is that worth?”

“Five thousand dollars.”

One of the most valuable stones in the world, as well as the rarest…

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Perspective Of Faith

Radio Sermon July 2016

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CALL YOUR SENATORS NOW and tell them they MUST PASS the “Protecting Internet Freedom Act” We must pray and act against NWO control over our Free Speech…  This is a brief update from Brother Paxton

Source: We Will Keep Spreading The Gospel No Matter What

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Upcoming Writing

focused heart devotions and Nuggets

CpYc2lbW8AEq6jF.jpgI have had this in my bedroom for years and an just now publishing a thesis in book form. Dealing with wolves..A wolf is anyone who tells others they don’t need a Shepard!

If they are not submitted to pastoral authority do not give them any power in your life or church.My published thesis will deal with bitterness, envy, jealousy, rivalry and flesh in ministry. We r going to expose this devil!!Included in the thesis will be the spirit of Absolam, Korah and Jezebel to name just a few. This is going deep from the original language..

The Lord has spoke to my heart to give myself to writing several detailed works and when I am not preaching this is what I will be doing..

Major changes were declared in prophecy for my ministry and they are here. No longer silent on these crucial issues..

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Click Link:  PLEASE HELP the children…. Here is our World Orphans page… Please consider sowing into our efforts for this great ministry,.. Len is doing a 5 mile walk in July as w…


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2013 TV Audio

Source: The Key To Mountain Moving Faith

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